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For Food Distributors

With over 200 members nationwide, Golbon is the most innovative foodservice buying group nationally, leveraging our members and supplier strengths to develop programs that enhance a distributor’s bottom line.  Our team of food industry experts are obsessed with focusing on distributor and supplier success.


At Golbon we are creative problem solvers. We are catalysts for change. Complex situations, cultures and business challenges – these are the elements in which we thrive. We love to collaborate with our members as we exchange ideas and create plans to implement change.

Our goal is to find innovative and effective solutions to move people and organizations through their challenges. We are experienced in the food service industry and our obsession with helping members grow and prosper has yielded millions of dollars in savings and financial returns to our 200-plus distributor members each year.

In doing so, we’ve helped our members in all aspects of business. We now put all our solutions together in Golbon360.

Golbon Leadership

Golbon’s success has always been about our people. We pride ourselves on experienced management and meaningful partnerships.


Purchasing is the cornerstone of any successful foodservice distributor, impacting every department in your facility. Put Golbon’s 100+ years of industry experience to work for you. From inventory reduction and fill rate improvement strategies, to category management implementation and SKU profitability analysis, to helping sharpen negotiating skills, we have the expertise to help member’s purchasing departments drive increased profitability.


Local marketing is instrumental for distributors. Having a structured program provides focus on selling what you want sold, as well as delivering distributors incremental bottom line profits. Let Golbon help you develop a customized local marketing program that leverages your purchases and increases your market share.


Our Golbon team is comprised of foodservice industry professionals that understand what members experience every day. We work with members to analyze sales go-to market strategies and develop plans for improved execution. Commission plans, opening new accounts, account penetration, overcoming objections, understanding why people buy, and negotiating value over price are all challenges DSRs face every day. Golbon has the experience and training programs to help member DSRs overcome these challenges and become best in class sales associates.

financial incentive program

Golbon’s program rewards members with increasing financial returns as purchases increase throughout the year. Suppliers,
members and Golbon are all aligned with one goal – increasing sales that maximize member earnings and enhance their bottom line.

three components

Distributor Promotional Allowance (DPA) Member monthly program payout on qualified purchases

Member Growth Incentive Bonus.
This program is your bonus for growing Golbon qualified sales year over year

Volume Incentive Bonus
You’ll receive additional financial rewards for your volume level achievements. As you surpass the different purchasing plateaus during the year, the percentage of the bonus increases!

Our program offerings are what make Golbon different

protein advantage

Golbon Protein Advantage (GPA) is a commodity beef and pork program specifically designed to cut cents per pound from your purchasing price, and create sheltered income opportunities. GPA was
created to offer independent, center-of-the-plate distributors an additional marketing arm and industry support. We have relationships with all the major beef and pork packers. GPA provides members with continuous market and industry information that aid members in making informed, profit impacting decisions.

market iq

A comprehensive database of approximately 1.4 million locations/units in the US commercial, non-commercial and retail Foodservice market. A powerful tool for Golbon members to identify new opportunities in their markets. Exclusive to Golbon within buying groups.

enterprise cafe

Golbon has partnered with Enterprise Café to provide members the most progressive reporting, earned income, and incentive management platform in the industry. This is an inexpensive and powerful tool to help grow your business, increase earned income, and improve profitability.

The challenges of the food service industry are complex and ever changing. Enterprise Café connects all the dots to help your teams work together to achieve profitable growth across all aspects of your business.

Program Managers

When a Golbon distributor achieves a specified level of purchases through Golbon approved suppliers, we co-hire a fully funded, full-time, dedicated staff member to work within the distributor’s facility, working on our mutual behalf. This Golbon staff member’s duties would include, but are not limited to, local marketing development, conversions to Golbon suppliers, product training, promotional development, sales support, and show preparation.


Golbon Destinations is an incentive program for a luxurious extended trip for two, featuring fantastic locations like Greece, Rome, Paris, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Costa Rica. Trips can be used as vacations for top management or as incentives for staff that have had an exceptional year in sales, purchasing or operations. Guests are treated to unique recreational events, tours, and the finest cuisine at premier luxury resort destinations. Golbon Destinations is an extraordinary opportunity for fun, relaxation, and interaction with other Golbon distributor members and supplier partners.

premier club

This unique incentive program is the only one of its kind among foodservice buying groups. Premier Club rewards sales and merchandising associates with a fun-filled weekend in some of our country’s most desirable locations. Winners and their guests are shown the highlights of the location as they are entertained with daytime activities and special evening events, along with being showered with recognition befitting of their achievements. Locations have included San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Charleston.

Annual conferences
& Awards

Golbon conferences offer the opportunity to develop networking relationships with fellow Golbon members and conduct effective meetings with supplier partners. Golbon holds two conferences a year, the Spring Member Conference and the Fall Member Conference & Awards.


MembersOnly is a comprehensive self-service resource that provides members access to pertinent information valuable to their day-to-day analysis and decision making. Features include Golbon program rebate information, purchasing reports, supplier contact information, the distributor Resource Library, and a forum where members can share ideas and ask questions to one another. Also on MembersOnly is Golbon MarketPlace, an online purchasing platform for supplier promotions. Golbon conference supplier allowances are also posted here.

Golbon protein advantage (GPA)

Golbon Protein Advantage (GPA) is a commodity beef and pork program specifically designed to cut cents per pound from your purchasing price, and create sheltered income opportunities. GPA was created to offer independent, center-of-the-plate distributors an additional marketing arm and industry support. We have relationships with all the major beef and pork packers. GPA provides members with continuous market and industry information that aid members in making informed, profit impacting decisions.

What you will expect:

• Purchasing power with all major packers
• Daily market updates
• Weekly pricing
• Packer information for daily pushes and specials
• Golbon website access for up-to-date foodservice
news, tips, and tools
• Training and sales materials

Lumen Creative is a full-spectrum marketing agency for Golbon Members

Golbon members have access to our full-spectrum marketing agency, Lumen Creative. Utilizing their unique foodservice expertise, Lumen crafts targeted marketing initiatives and implements them across all platforms. From compelling designs, curated foodservice content, industry best practices and trends Lumen enables Golbon members to market themselves with less effort and more success.

Full Service Graphic Design

Website Development

Content Marketing

Digital Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Campaigns

Convenience store services (CSS)

Foodservice sales at convenience stores continue to be a growing market segment. Convenience Store Services leads the industry by assisting distributor members in growing foodservice sales and helps traditional foodservice distributors branch out into the convenience store arena.

• Increased profitability through additional earned income programs with Golbon approved suppliers
• Profit-building foodservice concepts such as branded chicken, pizza, and sandwich programs
• Turnkey foodservice programs: beverage, roller grill, bakery
• Margin enhancement services
• Networking with other C-store distributors
• Representation and guidance by a distributor C-store council
• Involvement with important C-store industry associations and events
• Dedicated personnel and program support


We not only move freight cost-effectively and with the utmost quality, but also provide the logistics expertise required to find long-lasting solutions. 


• Truckload – regional and long haul
• Dry LTL – national program
• Volume LTL program – for moves over 5,000 lbs.
• Temp controlled LTL – national program
• Intermodal shipments
• Immediate access to the status of your shipment
• Efficient, cost effective transport
• Ability to shelter freight
• No software needed/No cost to participate
• Load consolidation
• Load collaboration with Golbon members

service providers

Golbon recognizes that the aggregated purchasing power of a group can create savings for members in products and services that improve a distributor’s operations. Our extensive network of business service providers can have a huge impact on reducing a distributor’s costs and increasing profitability.

• Payroll services and employee benefit administration
• Distributor computer software systems
• Warehouse management systems
• Maintenance equipment and parts
• Warehouse and driver uniforms
• Office and computer supplies
• Truck leases